A Contract  America called "a Contractual Promise to God and America" will be published and contoured to any changes needed before taking office. The reason it's called that as Robert Sandera conquered and Beat Stomach Cancer that could have been prevented if not for Dirty Cops. He made a Promise swearing his soul to serve God spreading his word and love for all eternity and doesn't plan on breaking it.  He wants the American Public to be unified as a strong prosperous Country and to know he loves you all and would destroy everything evil in this Country including these brave choices to do all these things and return the power back to ALL the people.
  1. He would destroy the Patriot Act, and prevent normal citizens harassed by crooked cops using it the wrong way.
  2. Give back Free Liberty and Tear down the barriers to the Peoples White House.
  3. Destroy all Federal and Executive Immunities Immediately including the Presidents by Executive order so NO person is above the law.
  4. Push for a Constitutional amendment to permanently end Immunities of political crooks
  5. Energy and Efficiency Policy
  6. Federally Legalized Marijuana Policy (ending the war on more dangerous drugs)
  7. Health Care Policy
  8. Reduce Healthcare Cost

Links and policy are still being developed join my email list and get on the press release list.  Together Robert Sandera will return the Country to Ordinary People that built its backbone and protect them from being trampled on by a world gone out of control.

Robert Sandera for President Plan on Important Issues