I wrote the Constitutional Restoration Act to restore the laws that have been undermined that used to protect the people. Our nation is broken or people are sick and dying and you only thing the GOP didn’t seem to think about is how to take away more, how to hurt people, how to commit harm. Then they stand behind false Christian values.

Since 9/11 our country is Win progressing with backwards we have in effect lost the two cold war on terror. Because the policies of the GOP are a total failure they are not interested in advancing in any budget they are not interested in providing any services they are interested in one thing and one thing only money.

This provides our state of the union with a great disservice. For these reasons here are a few of the policies I believe in.

The Medicare system has got to be opened up for all Jimmy Carter talked about doing this way back in 1978 and we can see that if we don’t do it and constitutionally protect it, the GOP will be hell-bent on destroying any kind of healthy care for our citizens.

One of my best GOP friends recently died from Trump death care. First he got his perfect credit destroyed, then lost his credit card and did not want to go further broke at a another hospital and now he’s dead

Are Social Security and Medicare system must also be protected by constitutional amendment make it bulletproof to keep Republicans from being hell-bent on trying to destroy it.

  1. He would destroy the Patriot Act, and prevent normal citizens harassed by crooked cops using it the wrong way.
  2. Give back Free Liberty and Tear down the barriers to the Peoples White House.
  3. Destroy all Federal and Executive Immunities Immediately including the Presidents by Executive order so NO person is above the law.
  4. Push for a Constitutional amendment to permanently end Immunities of political crooks
  5. Energy and Efficiency Policy
  6. Federally Legalized Marijuana Policy (ending the war on more dangerous drugs)
  7. Health Care Policy
  8. Reduce Healthcare Cost

Links and policy are still being developed join my email list and get on the press release list.  Together Robert Sandera will return the Country to Ordinary People that built its backbone and protect them from being trampled on by a world gone out of control.

Robert Sandera for President Plan on Important Issues