Robert Sandera stands apart as a Genuine Leader and Uniter. Because of the needs of his Country will be a candidate for President in 2016 and get out touring the country and meeting with everyone. He wants to end political corruption not just in Washington but in all our Courts and Legislatures etc

"The Only way to wipeout political crime and corruption in the USA is to surrender all judicial and Executive immunities as I will do and sign into law destroying everyone else's."

Sandera has expertise in many areas of Federal and Complex Law and presents real workable plans and well thought out Legal policies to bring our Nation back to the principles of God as our Founding Fathers sought. He accomplishes all of this with what we have available now.

In the Bible when God gave man FREE LIBERTY. Man was never meant to be the Judge, Jury and Executioner or have any part of ruling over man, God is the only one to reserve that right and will in his time.

The Republicans have a point as our Government has become to overstep its bounds but not as they want the public to believe, there's nothing conservative about these people. I will balance working with Republicans and Democrats to move Americans and the Country forward and recover like wildfire.  I may have the inventions that will bring the world 600 million new jobs. Nobody Else has anything and a Republican History shows they will NOT allow Fuel efficient car engines as I build.

Sandera has investigated every religion from scientology to catholic to Muslim to Jehovah's Witness and is Christian himself but maintains a neutral free liberty towards others practicing their beliefs as long as it is not intrusive to living a peaceful life.

"We have an obligation as a Predominately Christian Nation to give every American regardless of Sex, Sexual Orientation, Color, Race, Political Affiliation, or Religion etc. an equal shot at the lifelong dream of Life Liberty and Happiness and other God Given Rights".

With Sandera's leadership skills and expertise in efficiency everyone will be counted in a Secure and Proud Nation that works together as a Team and in effect protects their jobs and financial security.

A Dedicated Honest Effective Efficient Leader

Real Creative Leadership Solutions