Robert Sandera's Health care plan doesn't deprive anyone of existing health care and instead supersedes it with 100 percent full coverage care.  Our people work hard and pay taxes to a Government that they should be proud of because it's working for them.  Unfortunately that's not what's been going on and people are in total disgust.  Prescription drugs in this Country are a massive rip-off.  Distributors to pharmacies charge 1000 percent markup in cost.  You can imagine how little the drug companies really have invested and why they would be against medical or legal Marijuana cutting into their cash cow.

Because of the Nations fragile economic state Sandera looked at only working with what we have available today and not borrowing or committing waste for the future.

Medical Practitioners are serving their Country with a needed service and as such could be treated like Veterans and we could drive cost drastically down by letting all who participated in reducing cost to not be obligated to pay any tax on their income.  This would in effect be an increase in their personal pay and encourage people to expand into this profession. The economy would begin to balance from both ends reducing cost and growing the economy that a higher tax base would come in from a robust economy of people no longer afraid to spend their money..

States now pay like $248.00 a month towards social Security people Medicare etc and could save as the National cost to everyone would be $199.00 a month. People would be given their Free Liberty rights granted by God to make a decision to get into the plan or not.  They would be foolish not to as it would be the best insurance in America and guaranteed.  It may even give people that voluntarily sign up a slight tax rebate refund.

To be fair and not cause unemployment of Insurance workers would transfer into being billing and records management companies and would no longer have to hire ten lawyers to deny a participant their policy rights.

Marijuana was scheduled as a Class II Narcotic way back in 1937.  Times have changed we have way more information available on it etc and Doctor often recommend it to terminal cancer and other patients.  Sandera would come to office with a Pre-signed Executive Order removing the Class II affiliation and basically begin to make it Federally Legal.

Marijuana could be sold as a Government farmed crop taxed at 16 percent but cost would be like $40.00 Total for an ounce.  Police know Marijuana is not as dangerous as many prescription drugs or alcohol.  Because Drug Kingpins could deal in higher quality Pot and not be subjected to harsh Prison term I think many would switch over and the crack and meth industry would dry up without allot of violence etc.
All proceeds collected from pot would be placed in a shortfall fund as so no hospital experiences left over cost of uninsured emergency room visits. 
The result:
1.        The people win
2.        The farmers win
3.        The Illegal Drug Dealers Win
4.        Society Wins
5.        Hospitals Win.
6.        The Government wins

It is un-Christian or ungodly to allow at least 75 of our people a day  to die without great medical care. No longer would our Congress be wasting time on an issue that just needs to be done and forgotten about.

Robert Sandera Health Care Plan for 100% National Coverage