Robert Sandera wants to stop the Fraud, Wall Street Speculation and Price Gouging of the Energy Industry. He knows Oil and Gas well technology and understands the Fracking process and what has to be done to make it safe and non environmentally damaging to the land owner and surrounding area...
America has no idea of the Scams to drive Gas Prices up that started up under President George W Bush.  U.S. tankers are still shipping U.S. oil off the coast of the U.S. and parking and then returning it to the United States and raising the price saying now its imported Oil.  That's insane and destroying the lives of all Americans by driving inflation and ripping them off.

America Needs To Be Energy Independent And To Accomplish This Sandera Has A Few Ideas.

1.        Poised to become one of the richest men in the world with his latest world changing inventions Sandera wants to Purchase Exxon Mobile and give it to the American Public as a nonprofit public Co-Operative to drive gas down to $1.25 a gallon causing the economy to take off like wildfire. Every U.S. Citizen would own a share of stock in the Company and it would be run as a non Profit like many Hospitals are but the stock shares would become more valuable. This would stabilize consumer gas prices as low and bring the poorer peoples cost of living back closer in line to the little income they have.

2.        Put an end to oil companies shipping oil off our coast parking it then driving it back in with a raised price calling it imported oil. I would stop the export of any energy resources until our Country is Energy Independent.

3.        Stop the sale of all coal that came from U.S. Federal Lands from shipping to China unless they clean up their emissions and comply with some fundamental fairness in how they do business with the United States. New laws must be put in place as private mining companies are raking in huge profits with the Public Federally owned lands.

4.        Find ways of making Coal an Indefinite resource to burn clean.  Perhaps experiments with combined fuels much like an Oxygen Acetylene torch does.

5.        Re-frack all old oil and gas wells in the Country and if need be increase their cement bases that protect the water table supply.  This could bring every well up to maximum production capability whether it's engaged in Conservation measures or not. Rather than have private companies using inferior cement etc The Government would contract to only use the best applications to protect the world's environment.

6.        End the Oil and Gas Well Drilling containment pits pollution placed on and buried on landowner's property and instead use multiple Reusable Polyethylene tanks with their contents mud or brine water recycled and reused.

7.        Submit Sandera's own new design technology to U.S. Automakers that would allow huge MPG ratings actually conserving more gas for the country. This would be coupled with his economic plan of specifically freeing up Credit of all guaranteed income party's as to afford a brand new car or Truck. There are over 50 million people on Social Security.  As long as they can meet their basic means a payment would be directly deposited to the U.S. Automaker. Japan and other foreign owned companies are not considered U.S. Automakers. As a means of putting more money in consumers pocket the Government would offer a low cost car Insurance policy to any of these technologically advanced cars and trucks.

8.        People participating in the program may get a yearly rebate for Good Driving as well as a tax credit for anyone participating in the program.

9.        Robert Sandera has a lifelong history of engine building and design and had been running cars on part water more doubling mileage ratings.  In 1978 he took a full sized heavy loaded to the max 1975 Thunderbird with a huge 460 engine and got it up to 22.5 MPG rather then 10-13 MPG prior to that. He is tied to the Mike Shetley Ralph Moody Moodymobile that President Carter was said to contract to put in all the mail jeeps. Cars and Trucks may realistically get over 84 MPG in the city.  This would put allot of money in people's pockets owning these cars.  They would be designed like the DIY Network show Blog Cabin where the public logs in and competes to select various features to be used on the final product.

10.        New onboard diagnostic system computers (ODB) on Automobiles may be changed as Sandera says he gets higher MPG out of ODB1 system cars of the early 90s then ODB2 Systems cars after 1995.

11.        All states would be allowed to run tuned headers on any vehicle as to help the engine breath and be leaner and more efficient.

These creative ideas would have a massive impact as Sandera would cut deals and licensing to Detroit UAW Automakers to be the sole party's manufacturing and updating cars.  He believes the Job cancer started in Detroit and if you repair the nuclease of all the connected businesses Detroit will become the Motor City of the World and jobs will spider across the Country like wildfire.

Energy Policy for a Energy Independent USA