Robert Sandera rapidly accelerates in all things by being highly efficient and conservative with spending and budgets. He has managed businesses he made highly successful as well as helped failing businesses become successful. He has done fantastic things working with hardly any money. Sandera believes our people are misinformed that cutting programs etc will balance our budgets but it takes far more effort than that. 

No rich people should be getting free money paying lower tax percentages or nothing as compared to the poor that do pay their taxes. The United States needs to adopt a repatriation policy of collecting taxes from American businesses that invested outside the Country to make their profit.

As traitors not investing in the United States after they made their money there corporate taxes in America should be 25 percent and foreign investment taxes should be the 39 percent American Corporations are paying today. At least that way investing at home and creating real jobs becomes a viable reality.

 Outsourcing outside the United States should be illegal or penalized.  No HB1B Visa foreign worker should be given a work Visa unless the National unemployment average is 2 percent or less.  We have to protect our jobs which in turn protects our homes and security.

Our Country is engaged in ridiculous waste from paying farmers not to farm to giving Pakistan 20 billion dollars trying to buy a friendship.  To begin to make the Government efficient Robert Sandera would just hire assistants out of his own pay check and ask them to go work together with people obtaining Governmental grants etc and make sure the money is being applied properly.

By having these assistants reporting directly to the President we can make a major impact on fraud and lower all our cost by having highly efficient Governmental policy that is periodically monitored. President Obama and Solindra's failure may very well have been a setup however if there would have been an assistant overseeing the work being done, privately speaking with employees etc no such fraud would ever be allowed to happen.

Robert Sandera Is An Expert At Becoming Efficient And Effective
He has never failed working with very little resources.