Contact Robert Sandera running for President Send an Email and Join up the mailing list and help to make gas cheap and affordable again.  Our goal is $1.25 a gallon where it should really be. Robert Sandera has worked hard to bring world changing inventions like high MPG capable Automobile Engines and Energy Efficient devices to create over 100's of millions of  Jobs and a Balanced Economy by growing a robust Economy the way it should be done? 

Don't fall for Austerity Schemes by people that think life is all about them and their money.  Robert Sandera is a Cancer Survivor by the grace of God and totally committed to honoring his promises to God for conquering such and evil disease.

I'm Robert Sandera running for President I want to make gas 1.25 a gallon create over 100 million America jobs With my 100 MPG American Car Engines. Not only will I cure America's unemployment problem but grow our Economy to be balanced and sustainable again. I began working on a plan right after Obama won his first election because I knew America did not understand the level of collapse our Nation was really facing. 

I watched a movie called Ford the Man the Machine about Henry Ford and his determination and Being from Detroit I knew it held the secret of what Our Country needed.  I've got the plan but I need your help.  I didn't push to ask for money because I didn't want to take your money. I wanted to invest it in me investing in you all of the United States as my Community.

Don't fall for the trickery of Divided America filled with Hatred it's gotten us nowhere and as the Bible says the entire inhabited Earth is being misled by the wicked one.  Greed Evil and most likely a Devil.

Any money sent to me is a direct investment in my companies that work to promote and license out to give you jobs. And on that investment I'll give you a stock certificate even if you can only afford a dollar.

If your poor or have no money to donate that's ok because you can help out for free by becoming a friend on my Facebook Page and telling others of me.

Together we will grow as One Nation under God because I will only govern the way he wants and allows together united this Country will rise bigger better prouder then we ever have been before.

With Robert Sandera as President there are no Democrats there are no Republicans there are American's and Every American Wins

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