Robert William Sandera born April 2.1959 is an American politician and a Federal Paralegal Law Specialist running as an Independent for President of the United States. Sandera has worked for Democrats and Republicans silently in the background of Government as an activist not charging any money for his services. He has corresponded directly with Presidents Congressmen and woman etc. writing reports recommending bills etc.

He Began a Career in Law in Michigan in 1981
after hiring a Lawyer he felt ripped him off and did a poor job of any kind of representation etc. Sandera began to search law libraries reading Motion Procedures and learning how to file legal briefs. Eventually he had several bad run in's with Attorneys not doing the work they were hired to do so he went to school to be a Paralegal. Holding a strait A average in Law he ventured out learning on his own and following cases of Geoffrey Fieger then Attorney to Jack Kevorkian. He considered Federal Attorney Geoffrey Fieger to be an inspiration as a Legal Scholar and began to study Complex Federal Litigation and Rules of Complex Federal Litigation and Procedure. Many Civil Rights Attorneys in Michigan have told him he seemed to more about Federal Law and Issues of things Like Federal Habeas Corpus then they had ever heard of. He was a Federal Law Specialist with extensive study and practice related to Stopping Crooked Politicians and Dirty Cops. As a friend to Fieger he voluntarily assisted in his Campaign for Governor of Michigan at the same time he Helped Jennifer Granholm to Become Attorney General of Michigan and eventually Governor of Michigan. He felt their expertise and presence was needed to maintain political balance of Michigan as he felt too many Crooked Politicians were getting away with murder from a Political lopsided State. He began over a 14 year long investigation of Michigan and the Federal Government.

Sandera was also faced with a huge lawsuit in the State of Michigan, probably one of the biggest in the State of Michigan in which he is the Plaintiff. Ripped off by ineffective inefficient representation of counsel he filed over 600 million dollars in Federal Litigation while suffering the effects of being tortured.. This prompted him to go Federal and Specialize in things like U.S.C. Title 42 Section 1983 Civil Rights cases and fighting for the little man against corrupt politicians, cops, and courts. Do to Dirty Politicians He suffered being tortured and prevented critical medical care and actually ended up receiving Cancer and losing his stomach as a direct result of it.

Sandera was fascinated by the fact that dirty politicians wave their reckless immunity rights in the air and seem to engage unlimited crime. He wanted to make a difference so took up a specialization in Federal Complex Litigation and started to write a Bill for what he calls the "Constitutional Restoration Act" which he plans on introducing to Congress as he feels all Civil Rights Laws have been made invalid.

Sandera's Experience and Interest in Law
goes from Patent Trademark and Copyright law and Agent ship, Social Security Law, Eldercare Law, Probate Law, Bankruptcy Law and Specialization, Criminal Law and Jailhouse Law, Forensic Psychiatry and the fraud associated with it Law, Criminal Defense, Oil and Gas Lease and Law, Real Estate Law, Irrevocable Trust Law, Title searches, Private Investigations, Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus specialization, FEDERAL Constitutional Law, Federal Civil Rights Law USC Title 42 Section 1983 Civil Rights Defense against Crooked Politicians including Judges, Police, Prosecutors, and Incompetent Ineffective Representation of Counsel by Court Appointed Attorneys Engaging in County and State Conspiracy against indigent Clientele, Township Ordinance Laws, Small Claims Court Specializations Law etc

Sandera has a Variety of Job Skills:
A Jack of all trades skills including being a lifelong Engine Builder starting at age 12. By age 18 he was experimenting with a carburetor design for K&B Engines and went on to be a National RC Boat Racing Champion in 1979. Other experiences include Drag Boat Engine Builder and Driver, Machinist, Mig, Tig, Stick, and Gas Welding, Heat teat specialist, CNC Mazak Training, Printing Press Operator, Four Color Process Printer, He had won several State Four Color Process Printing Competition Awards for Brighton Michigan High School and was well known throughout his Country by the Printing Industry. He was one that assisted his Machine shop teacher in starting zero Hour so kids came to Machine Shop at 6:00 AM to receive 3 hrs of Vocational Machine Training instead of two. He also signed up with the Teacher and went to the night class as well as he was constantly developing Carburetors and Engine designs of his own in the Brighton Michigan High School Vocational Machine Shop. He loved his teachers and is a firm believer in Federal Education funding of Vocational and apprenticeship programs to work directly with employers to assist young people in career motivation with selection and assistance in getting a Great Job. In 1978 he went to work in Farmington Hills Michigan at Perkins Diesel Engines and by age 21 was such a hard worker dedicated to working 50-80 hr work weeks he was making $35,000.00 a year at Perkins and running a mail Order manufacturing Business on the side to contribute heavily to the Boat Racing Industry.

He turned down a chance at a Motor Pattern Making Apprenticeship at Lear Seigler where his father worked in Detroit because for a 21 year old at that time he was already making over $35,000.00 a year in 1980 which was allot of money and more money than his brother who was a Foreman of Automation Research a machine building company and his Father who was a Journeyman Patternmaker for over 20 years. He attributed this to Loving his Job, Loving and being faithful to God, and Loving people and working very hard at everything he did, believing in himself. He also has skills as a Patent Copyright And Trademark Agent, Musician, Electrical Engineering Training Through NRI, Car Restoration, Fabrication, Custom Painting, Musical Cabinet Design Building And Repair, Musical guitar Luther, Painting, Paint Making, Chemical Engineering, Truck Driving, Computer Science Programming, Web Development, CGI Perl and Java Programmer, Web Internet Marketing Specialist, Search Engine Directory Design Technician Developer, Internet Shopping Cart Design Specialist, All forms of Law and Federal Law, Farming, Wood working, Raising animals and pets, Holistic and Conventional Medicine for Animals specializing in Cats, Kittens, and Dogs etc. Transmission rebuilder Lawn and gardening industry expert as the manager of what he created into one of the largest Snapper dealerships in Northern Michigan.  This gave him a lot of marketing and sales and repair school experience from various equipment company's like Snapper, Billy goat, Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, Tecumseh. Peerless Transmissions.  Robert Sandera has a very diverse and precise understanding of anything related to mechanical engineering and design.  He also has had various leadership management or proprietorship positions of operating companies or in assisting to make companies profitable.  To this date he still studies collage books and reads tons of learning information and law on the Internet and loves learning as much as he can possibly take in on his own.

Back Yard Rocket Scientist Mechanical Genius and Inventor.
Sandera is sort of a combination back yard rocket scientist mechanical genius and inventor and a lot of other things. He lives the walk of the talk he talks the talk. It's not uncommon for him to know how to build his own rife ram water pump driven by water flow. Or build a windmill or hydro electric generator or power plant to power his entire farm for free. For almost two years he has been off the grid making his own power and writing booklets and scientific data and information to assist others to get off the grid or get free power starting immediately or within 24 hrs having emergency lighting and other conveniences for less than 100 dollars. He knows how to build high efficiency fuel efficient generator inverters. He teaches people how to build a homemade generator sometimes with the help of garage sales for less than 20 bucks. How to use things around their house already for free power production and emergency power. He's invented everything from cancer tumor shrinking serums and teas to anti anemia natural vitamin extracts. He can help your eyesight macular degeneration or assist you so you don't need reading glasses anymore. You name it he believes in himself enough to research and find the answers to do it. He has a book to come out soon on how to start making power tonight for under 100 dollars, as well as several other books and software that he developed. People come over to his home and see things working or say how the heck you can live with no power hooked up to your house or have free fans or air conditioners or iceboxes running etc yet they may go by some night and there will be lights on everywhere etc. He is an efficiency expert in almost everything he does and gas mileage and electricity and heating and cooling is something he really excels at. Engines are his passion though he knows every type of engine there is inside out.

Robert W. Sandera is a unique American as he is every man
and feels even though he may have some white collar Political and Lawyer skills he is truly Blue Collar America and understands exactly what everyone is going through in these times. Sandera says he will always be totally committed to American Manufacturers General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler and still loves Perkins Engines and wishes they would return North American Operations. He says he learned at an Economic summit that when a Foreign Company brings their business into your Country and hires your workers they know they are getting away with MURDER. America needs to be supportive of each other and quit un-employing ourselves by buying so much foreign JUNK. American Car Manufacturers did the hard work of research and Development that others like Japan didn't do. He says "As far as I'm concerned nobody can build a Supercharged 427 L88 or Dual Overhead Cam-mer Ford like America and us Hilly Billy Boys need to take these punks out that say destroy GM Destroy Obama Motors and put them on the drag strip or Drag Boat and watch the Tachometer hit almost 9 grand and say here's a can of Shut the Hell Up Punk." People need to understand these are our jobs, our heritage, and they were also our first line of defense conversion during World War Two they SHOULD NEVER BE COMPROMISED OR RELINQUISHED TO ANYONE. IF YOU DON'T LIKE EMPLOYING AMERICA GET OUT. This man is 100 percent American and Dam Proud of It.

Two Major Internet Victory's Acknowledged by Intel Corporation and Ford Motor Company
Sandera was shocked over Internet work and free ads he posted on He was later acknowledged by Detroit radio for his Design of a Search Engine Directory he built in Northern Michigan. He also gave a free web site to Michigan Jennifer Granholm who was elected State Attorney General and Eventually Two Term Governor before anybody even knew who she was. He did it because he admired her experience and integrity of Law and Honesty. Sandera felt bad because he knew Granholm was inheriting a Bankrupt State of Michigan that had been robbed by Cronyism and was about to crash in a National Collapse beyond anything she would ever be able to fix. He admired her though that she stayed tough and stuck to her word no matter how bad the Dirty Opposition tried to trick her into raising taxes etc.

He sincerely believes Jennifer Mulhorn Granholm is highly qualified to be a United States Supreme Court Justice, The United States Attorney General or may even ask her to be his Vice President for the United States if he wins the election of 2012 or 2016. HE feels she was taken advantage of by many bad Michigan Republicans but did work with and do the best she could with Good Republicans so demonstrates she can Govern or work with people Independently.

Sandera believes this is most important because America's problems he says can only be solved by someone with his experience and non prejudice opinions administered independently. He claims this HAS TO BE DONE by someone pulling the Country together as Americans not a bunch of Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Democratic, Tea, Dirt bag, etc rhetoric. We all have to Unite as though we are in a world war because we are in a world war. Our World of the United States as a Caring and UNITED Country is being destroyed and dismantled piece by piece robbed, taken to China and India and other Countries are even talking about starting World war three. Sandera says World War Three would be caused by Wall Street causing World Starvation with their Unchristian Conduct and Speculation Games that have to be ended for National Security Reasons.

Internet Recognition by Intel Corporation and Ford Motor Company
In 1996 Sandera was acknowledged by people working at Intel Corporation wanting him to build commercial Internet Shopping Carts one Click systems. Intel and Ford Motor Company recognized him as one of Americas Top Computer Scientist, CGI Perl Programmers, and Internet Marketers, It felt good to have someone from Intel call up and say "man you are the man" in regards to who to go to as to do real business on the Internet. Later Pakistani Outsourcers and Chinese Woman in America engaged in what he calls Espionage drastically effected Sandera's Programming work load. Ford practically begged him to move from Northern Michigan back to Detroit to work as an in House CGI Programmer designing, setting up, and troubleshooting their computer programs. Due to unknown medical issues at the time that were still being diagnosed Sandera felt bad but had to cordially decline and he didn't want the company to know he was suffering having horrible medical problems. He worked for years from a recliner chair after a Police brutality Incident because he sent a woman some flowers. He's writing a book on the story of being a Guardian Angel and nice person almost got him killed.

He offered to work for Ford part time privately out of a Service Truck as a Sub Contractor but they really needed a full time operator. Sandera would have loved to move back to the Motor City and have a great job again but couldn't take working a full 40 hr week without resting. After 14 Years of pain and illness he was finally diagnosed with a large parathyroid tumor that almost killed him and because his medical care was obstructed by some Dirty Politicians he ended up losing his Stomach to Cancer caused as a result of the other problem. The Good news was after the first surgery went bad he lived with a spit fistula hole in his neck for two years with a feeding tube in his Jejunum and he developed a special type B-12 Drink treatment Cure that was supposed to be impossible to absorb in a digestional system without Intrinsic Factor caused by the lack of a stomach. He did this to greatly assist these types of people to fight off Cancer etc. and horrible anemia after these surgeries.

Later in life after the crash of America that Sandera warned all his family and friends would happen he began to search for ways to repair the Country and became fascinated with Henry Ford and his family History. He Wished then he could have took that Job with Ford Motor Company but after watching the Movie 100 times with Cliff Robertson "Ford the Man the Machine" he devised a plan to systematically fix America first by stopping the original Job Cancer in Detroit. He came up with a way to sell tens of millions of American Cars rapidly that he will allow his engine to be licensed and produced in which will create over 100 million jobs. The beauty of the plan is its with money America already has but he wants the Good Guys like Toby Keith and Real Men of Country Music to hear his plan and step up with private investment dollars strictly defined how they will be used for American Car Manufacturers in DETROIT.

He was furious with the actions of Dick Cheney over the damage he had done to the Country giving misinformation about Unions and Michigan Automakers. To this Day he refers to him as an Evil Mafia Boss. Sandera has confided in a few people about his plan to fix America and the response was Holy Cow we have a thinker here that really has a plan and some new fresh ideas. Many elderly were excited willing to volunteer for him but he is taking things a little slow at this time.

Saddened By the Hate Speech and Division of Country
Saddened By the Hate Speech and Division of Country Sandera is running for President of the United States because of Sara Palin and the Hate Speech on American talk Radio making profit from destroying and dividing the Country. "This goes against direct commandments of my faith in the Bible says Sandera" Canada does NOT allow talk like this and even banned Ann Coulter from stirring up her Conservative Hate Speech rhetoric saying they don't want their Country stooping to that level. "Good for them says Sandera I wish people could just use common sense but in our world today people profit too highly off corruption and nobody seems to care, well except me I guess". He believes his services are needed and possesses far more experience than all the candidates combined and is working very hard to restudy Legal issues and Law and learn multiple foreign languages that may assist in world peace and ending Terrorism against the United States of America. He is also training in every aspect of how to be the Best President anyone could ever be to save the economy of the USA. He believes his skills make him a superior candidate for president because of his diverse training and skills. Sandera has a engine that gets over 100 MPG and says his plan to drive gas down to 1.25 per gallon and working with GM and Ford he can help provide a high mileage capable car to everyone in America and create over 100 million jobs the same way Henry Ford did.

Sandera examines Unions and says Most Americans should insist on Unions
and encourage them to be partners working hand in hand with Businesses. Why Robert Sandera says everyone in America should support Unions and here's why. If America examines our highest problem that destroyed Jobs and ruined the housing industry it would be outsourcing. Many poorer people paid subprime mortgages for over ten years till their jobs disappeared because of Pakistanis and Chinese and India etc outsourcing them working for nothing not contributing to the United States with Taxes and input like its citizens do. "Bill Capshaw is a relation to me that I am extremely proud of as a good Christian and retired International Leader for the UAW and General Motors says Sandera". Looking up some of Bills History Back in the ninety's records show the UAW was fighting to prevent outsourcing of America's Jobs; the Unions are the largest group of people to do this. Yet Dick Cheney who I say destroyed so much that was good in this Country attacked Unions and had no right. People have now been wrongfully brainwashed against unions and its B.S. The Country is being dismantled because of these 1 percent elitist destroying what was right in this Country. None of these elitist plans are working for the Country or the major class of its people.

At Perkins we were non Union that went Union with the UAW. After we did we cleaned up drunken white collar workers at work that were a danger and threat to Blue Collar workers. Our Record as Most Companies and Ford will even tell you this our record as a Union shop produce high excesses of profits beyond the companies projections. Why because when workers feel more job secure with a contract and employment agreement and treated fairly they work their heart out for the company with pride as a Team Player and member of that Company. Ford stated how they created record billions in profits during the 90's before Cheney and Bush came in and did everything possible to drive gas prices up and destroy Unions. Ford even said their losses later were caused by not transferring over the station wagon industry over fast enough from the SUV industry. Yet Americans are bad mouthing Unions that are fighting for all Americans to have jobs on American soil its wrong and we need to tell the truth and stop it. We need to stop and if there are Union abuses, Union leaders need to make sure Unions work more closely with companies as to protect Jobs, protect product and protect company that we are all one big family.

The United States is one big family we were at record production and employment before we listened to the 1 percent, the Union Breakers like Cheney. Don't buy into their rhetoric. Nobody belongs in another person's job profession especially without ever working there and understanding the safety risk etc. Even though Perkins Engines was one of the best Jobs I have ever had and Loved I was almost killed their 3 times by falling chain fall hoist for no reason but company negligence. Without a Union I wouldn't have been allowed to write up a safety report and others may have been killed.

Unions historically have shown company profits higher; workers pay higher, and also in State workers States like Ohio in Columbus have saved millions by proper negotiations and concessions working with the city instead of against it. Unfortunately due to hate speech people with a profit making agenda the public seems to think they're going to save tax dollars by getting rid of Unions. The real question is how are you going to save when all your jobs are lost to other countries because you had no Unions or groups of people to fight them being outsourced and do you want your entire Country sold off to Foreigners? Unions are on the side of all common man. Accept the truth and get used to it. The 1 percent of elite that want them destroyed have tried to convince you otherwise. How good has your country responded since they have done this. Sandera is a Politician telling the TRUTH. The Question, is the public willing to follow him enough to investigate and find out he is right?

He believes his skills make him a superior candidate for president because of his diverse training and skills. Sandera has a engine that gets over 100 MPG and says his plan to drive gas down to 1.25 per gallon and working with GM and Ford he can help provide a high mileage capable car to everyone in America and create over 100 million jobs the same way Henry Ford did.

Not Your Typical Greedy Politician:
Sandera says he is a Godly Person that has beaten esophageal Cancer inside the stomach and as such Money is not the most important issue to him. "God Country and my fellow man mean the world to me and I plan on fighting for the benefit of all and serving my Country in a different way than the military".

Sandera's Contribution to Fighting Cancer:
Sandera coming close to death after a gastrectomy and Roux in Y Procedure suffered from a staph infection on a pic line one inch from his heart. In his fight to beat Cancer Living with a feeding tube and a spit fistula hole in his neck for two years before having his colon cut in an colon interposition operation attaching his new stomach he developed a B-12 treatment that he expects to be working with the Innovations dept of Cleveland Clinic to assist in marketing nationally. The treatment allows a person without a stomach and NO INTRINSIC FACTOR to absorb B-12 through their intestines rather than by deep muscular injection. Doctors told him it was impossible yet he showed them and has never had a B-12 shot without a stomach.

He believes the treatment may save many cancer patients and major surgery patients lives.
He is a firm Believer in the Unity of Cleveland Clinic as helping it to being one of the top hospitals in the world. Sandera claims this has inspired him that he wants to Unite the Country in the same way so we can again lead the entire world in technology and development and peace and bring our people back to God as one nation under God the way our pledge of allegiance proclaims.

Sandera's Take on Country:
Sandera says I don't care what people want to say about me running for President. I want my Country to be United and come back to God and my fellow man to be Happy, Proud, and Dignified regardless of Political, Ethnic, or Religious affiliation, and If I'm not elected so be it. I will work with any standing President and Congress for the benefit of my Country even if I have to do it for free.

My Country and God and my Fellow Man and Woman mean that much to me that I will not allow the United States to go down to foreign Outsourcing and imported garbage destroying us without a fight. As President though I would use everything in my power by executive order or Presidential Signing Statement to end Chinese America from day one in office. This is the United States of America the greatest Country in the World and we need to start acting like it. If you can't support it don't want to pay taxes here don't want to keep your money here don't want to create jobs, don't want to believe in your Government here then get the hell out.

I feel our Nation has become corrupted and out of control because people listen to people to hate radio people that are paid like 50 million or 138 million dollars a year. I wish people would stop the mind control and turn the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter, Sara Palin show OFF.

I want to know what people making less then millions of dollars a year believe these people have in common with them. I have the experience to know who does what in our Government and by the time I am done running for President I hope the rest of the Nation will as well. One thing for certain the world does NOT go around the way they think is does. Less Big Government cost the public almost 6 times as much in Cronyism.

Related History:
Born Cleveland, Ohio Robert William Sandera April 2, 1959
Grade Schools Kenston - Bainbridge, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Farming Experience - North West Pennsylvania Guys Mills 1968 and on
Middle School Clarenceville - Livonia, Michigan
High Schools
Walled Lake Western - Wixom, Michigan till second semester of 10th Grade
Brighton High School Brighton, Michigan 10th -12th 1977 Graduate, Post Graduate Teachers Aid Etc.
Private and Legal Training
PCDI and Georgia College of Law
Michigan Various Legal Clinics and Manuals
NRI School of Electronics
Howell Music Jim Revard Music Reading and Electric Guitar 1977-1979
Mazak CNC Machining Center Technical School, Florence, Kentucky
Government Private Activist Volunteer 23 years
Personal Private Practice of Law 1980-2012 State Circuit Court 32 yrs
Personal Private Practice of Federal Law 1991-2012 
U.S. District Court Eastern District of Michigan 21 yrs
Small Claims Court Specializations 1980-2012 State Courts 32 years
Political Groups As a true Independent and Activist
Ross Perot's United We Stand 1993 and on
Michigan and U.S. Republican Party 1993 and on
Michigan and U.S. Democratic Party 1993 and on

Be Sure To Follow Me



My life story I am  white but was burned Black for a month in 1980 and treated badly by someone that thought I was Black.  That is a major part of why I am not prejudice and will not abandon any race or ethnic group. If I am elected I will Govern as a President of Americans where Everyone IS Counted as an AMERICAN not some political entity, color or group etc. Peoples arguing and power grabs are what caused this mess and it has to stop.

Respect the Office of the President
President Obama or any President and the Office of the Presidency. I know President Obama is not doing enough but I will not bad mouth it because I believe it commands Respect.  To disrespect it I feel we make our Country look like Ignorant Uneducated Jackasses. If I complain about a President it will only be about facts or policy that I may not have agreed with or to crack a few jokes. We should all adopt this RESPECT.

Robert W. Sandera Is Devoted to Country and American Manufacturing and Jobs
"I work constantly on on law and new technologies to give America jobs to lead again. By election day I expect to demonstrate superior needed leadership skills to repair and rebuild our country strong at Godspeed."

Robert Sandera has 33 Plus Years Experience in Law and Government and wants to end Divided and Angry America and return our Country to the people and being as where Everyone IS Counted.