Our nation has become filled with bad laws with many being formed by bad crooked politicians only concerned with making a name for themselves that they write a law..  They think they can stand behind Judicial and Executive Immunities and blatantly break the law or deprive others of their 14th amendment due process of the law rights.  To clean it up several things need to happen.  A President must issue and executive order declaring he doesn't nor does anyone else have any executive or Judicial Immunity what so ever that nobody should ever be above the Law.

The Other issue is our Courts and Supreme Court.  Nobody elected these people to legislate from the bench. They should never be given lifelong appointments as it inspires corruption. Law should only be declared unconstitutional or improperly applied as so it goes back to the legislature for repair or to scrap it all together it should never be formed by some Judges Grandiose Overbroad Recklessness subjecting other Lawyers to huge responsibilities trying to defend the law and obtain honest Justice. 

To do anything less we have created a massive system of injustice.  You can't possibly understand how bad it is till it happens to you that you are harassed by crooked police, Dirty Government Officials, or Courts. Judges are having sex with Lawyers taking $6000.00 payoffs in 5th offense pedophile child molester cases to destroy record of it. Other Judges seen by young college girls at parties snorting Cocaine. 

Our Justice system is out of control, and the Patriot act that must be destroyed is a disgrace used on multi Generational Americans who's grandfathers etc established citizenship here.. We should also require a position such as a Judge require random drug and alcohol test.  I have seen many of Alcoholic disgrace of a judge before and they go nuts distorting the law and use it to torture people.

Mental competency laws are abused to completely undermine the system and hold people in jail indefinitely without access to due process and the 14th amendment rights of the Constitution. You don't believe me ask Susan Lindauer a CIA asset agent jailed for knowing of payoffs of government officials involved in 911. Eminent domain stealing people's property for political corruption. Our laws and how they are used is a disgrace.

Robert Sandera Wants To End Bad Laws and Political Corruption