Robert Sandera for President 

Our nation is broken the populace of the United States has been losing their rights at a record pace ever since 9/11. The time has come that we cannot ignore this and have got to govern with some common sense. We must restore the principles that this country was founded upon and uphold our Constitution and return all the power to all the people.

The problem we have in Washington is caused by an oligarchy. The representatives that work there very rarely represent the people they were sent there to represent. They seem to be engaged in schemes and scams of insider trading deals and nothing short of racketeering by associating with millionaires and billionaires as their main function.
By engaging in this conduct they conspire against common sense government to game the system and write laws only benefit themselves. In days past we may have let this slide and just say oh they're ripping off the government. But the true fact is they have taken malicious action against the citizenry of this nation. Our nation is hurting we can no longer ignore these issues.

Robert Sandera for president wanted to create a third independent party but the problem we have we face is our constitution is designed around a two party system and in the condition of the country people do not have the resources and financial capabilities to fight for a third-party that would have the proper resources at this time. That doesn�t mean that it cannot be done after Robert is elected president. I am all for independent administration of government using some common sense and standing up and fighting for LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Our establishment corporate media organizations are run by monopoly and the problem is I believe the public has been brainwashed so bad into believing who they are or supporting a political party when in fact these political parties are engaged in conduct against their own interest. Robert Sandera stands for blue-collar hard working man and woman. Most of his life he worked overtime and put in as much is 95 hour work weeks. As a person closer aligned with the problems and complications that most of the populace is facing Robert better understands feels and has created resolutions to deal with the problems that average people are facing. Many Millionaires and billionaires don�t give a damn about you or these issues.

Support Rob and Stand For Common Sense Government to Move to USA Forward for Everyone regardless if you�re a Republican, Democrat, Green. Libertarian etc.

Return All The Power To All The People

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